Protecting Your Assets: A Comprehensive Guide for Builders and Tradies in Australia

In the past, thefts were often crimes of opportunity. Tools and equipment left unattended on job sites were prime targets for thieves. However, in today’s world, thefts have become more organised and calculated. Thieves are no longer content with easy pickings; they scope out locations and plan heists to steal tools and materials worth tens of thousands of dollars. At Be Covered Insurance Brokers, we’ve observed that theft of tools and materials is the most common type of claim we receive. To assist builders and tradies in Australia, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of tips to safeguard your valuable assets.

1. Maintain Vigilance on Shared Sites

With a significant shift toward inside jobs, it’s crucial to exercise caution when sharing information about your assets. Limit the knowledge shared with other parties, including details about your tools, delivery dates, and storage methods.

2. Secure Equipment at All Times

Especially when leaving your tools in your car or trailer, ensure that your vehicle and tool storage are securely locked. Thieves often target unattended vehicles, making them vulnerable points of attack.

3. Avoid Leaving Tools in Your Car

Even if your car is parked in your carport at home, avoid leaving your tools and equipment in the vehicle. It’s best to store them securely in a locked storage area.

4. Mark and Engrave Your Equipment

Make your assets easily identifiable by marking or engraving them with your name or a unique identifier. This makes it more challenging for thieves to sell stolen tools, as they become traceable.

5. Consider High-Tech Solutions

Explore modern solutions like data dotting for your tools. These advanced technologies can help you track and identify your equipment, even if they’re stolen.

6. Optimise Material Delivery Dates

Whenever possible, schedule material deliveries as close to the installation date as you can. This minimises the time materials spend sitting unattended at the job site.

7. Document Your Tools

Take photographs of all your tools at least once a year and record their serial numbers. This documentation ensures your tools are easily identifiable and aids in recovery efforts in case of theft.

8. Enhance Job Site Security

Secure your job sites with locked fences and install CCTV cameras whenever possible. Store all tools and materials in secured containers, further deterring theft.

Your Last Line of Defence: Insurance

While taking preventive measures is essential, the last line of defence against theft is a comprehensive insurance policy. The coverage you need may vary, depending on your specific situation.

Here are some key elements to consider:

  • Principal materials
  • Site materials vs. Tools
  • Employee tools
  • Theft in the open air (not by forcible or violent entry)
  • Replacement coverage

For tailored insurance solutions that cater to the construction and trades industry, it’s advisable to consult with an expert broker like Be Covered Insurance Brokers. Our industry-specific knowledge and access to multiple insurers allow us to provide insurance programs customized to your unique needs.

Contact Be Covered Insurance Brokers

If you’re a builder or tradie in Australia looking for comprehensive insurance solutions that protect your assets and livelihood, don’t hesitate to reach out to Be Covered Insurance Brokers. You can contact us at (08) 7092 2242. We specialise in providing insurance tailored to your industry, ensuring you receive the coverage you need to protect your tools and materials effectively. Be Covered Insurance Brokers: Your Construction Insurance Specialists.

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