Liability Insurance

Liability insurance is the crucial foundation for any business insurance program and carries with it a common misconception that ‘one policy fits all’.

Its main purpose is to cover legal liability to third parties (people and property).. However, in many situations we come across, the same policy used by a hairdresser or butcher is also used to cover a commercial builder or high voltage contractor and contain some level of harsh conditions or exclude crucial covers. Getting the right cover means understanding what you are trying to cover, including:

  • How will your policy respond to third party injury or property claims after construction is complete?
  • Does your policy meet your contractual obligations?
  • Does your policy require you to meet harsh policy conditions around construction works that if not complied with completely, will knock potential claims out?
  • Have your off-site operations been covered off?

What Can Be Covered
Do for You?

At Be Covered, we don’t try to be all things to all people. We focus on the industry we understand back to front, which allows us to have an intimate and invaluable understanding of the specific risks your business faces. Developing insurance programs from the ground up allows us to capture details that are often over looked when it comes to standard ‘off-the-shelf’ Liability policies. We look at a multitude of areas including:

  • Your specific type(s) of construction project
  • Addressing contractual and non-contractual requirements
  • Covering off all on-site and off-site activities
  • Time constraints – enacting quick and broad cover so you can get onsite!
  • Transferring/changing policies without leaving critical gaps in cover

What to Watch Out For on Your Liability Insurance?

There are many Liability options available that specialise in a whole range of industries. Things to consider when looking at a Liability insurance policy:

  • Is the policy specific and solely used for the building and construction industry?
  • What conditions apply?
  • Have you fully been made aware of any exclusions and the extent to which they work?
  • Are the needs of other interested parties being fulfilled?
  • Will the policy respond to Third Party liability claims after the works are complete?

Our clients feel safe and secure in the knowledge that their insurance programs are purpose built with complete understanding of the complexities of the construction and building industry and tailor insurance programs unique to every individual client rather that a ‘one policy fits all’ approach, and backed by the SUREWiSE network that gives us access to a wide range of policies that allow us to tailor your package in a way that other brokers simply can’t.

We Have the Building
Industry Covered

Specialist Construction & Building
Insurance Broker

Be Covered, we take the time to get to know your business, get the cover that’s right for you and, if something does go wrong, Be Covered are on your side with the knowledge and experience to handle even the toughest claims – that’s our difference.