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Roofers add the finishing touch to any build. Without a roof, we would all be left exposed to the elements, thieves and nesting magpies! Business insurance for roofers covers a broad range of potential risks that you may face during your daily operations.

As one of the most significant structural elements of any build, roofers also carry significant exposure from:

  • Protecting your tools and materials
  • Design exposures
  • Literally covering works carried out by others ensuring they are not exposed
  • Protecting the final project after completion
  • Responsibility to third parties that what you’ve built won’t collapse and cause injury or damage either during the build or after for years to come

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At Be Covered, we don’t try to be all things to all people. Based in Adelaide, we focus on the niche industry segments we understand back to front. This expertise gives us an intimate and invaluable understanding of industry-specific risks across Australia. Developing insurance programs from the ground up will enable us to capture often overlooked details.

Our clients from across Australia feel safe and secure knowing that their business challenges are covered by insurance programs that are purpose-built for each individual. Be Covered can guide you through your insurance requirements and risks, such as:

  • Statutory liability to cover risks such as OHS and employment practices
  • Professional indemnity for design risk and pure economic loss claims
  • Materials both on an away from site
  • Tenant liability for leased premises
  • Cyber liability to protect valuable infrastructure and data
  • Machinery and electronic equipment breakdown
  • Legal liability for contract or payment disputes

Like you, Be Covered Insurance Brokers are specialists in our trade. We protect businesses within Australia’s construction and building industry, and this focus sets us apart. As your business grows and changes, so too will your insurance needs. Reviewing your insurances will ensure that you are always adequately protected against the many risks that you face as a roofer. Be Covered will work with you to create a purpose-built insurance program with a complete understanding of your business and individual needs. For a no-obligation chat about your business insurance requirements, contact the experts at Be Covered today.

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