Office & Workshop

Whether you run your business from home or have a full office and workshop facility or just an office or just a workshop, you need Office and Workshop insurance.

Office and Workshop also known as Business insurance covers your office premises against events such as fire, theft, storm and can be tailored to suit your individual business set up and needs.

Depending on how your business operates, your business may need cover for:

  • The building itself
  • Machinery and plant stored at the location
  • Office equipment and fit out
  • Business Interruption to help cover your lost income from an claimable event
  • Requirements under your tenancy agreement including Glass and Liability

What Can Be Covered
Do for You?

Be Covered specialises in providing tailored Office and Workshop policies that work with your overall insurance program to ensure you are not under insured or over insured. There are multiple areas which may overlap over various policies and it’s important to understand how these various policies work together. Be Covered can take the stress away and find you a policy that suits your specific needs whilst using our ‘bulk buying’ facilities and experience to find you the most competitive option.

It’s important to have an Office and Workshop policy that grows with you. You may not require cover for both an office and a workshop depending on your business set up but overtime parts of this may change and you need a policy that can change as your business changes.

Areas to consider:

  • If you have a Home Office, is your Home insurer aware you are conducting a business from your house (no matter how minimal) and are they covering your Business use items?
  • Do you need cover for both an office and workshop or just for one of these areas? Be Covered can help you ascertain what level of cover you require.
  • Are you possibly doubling up on insurance covers through other policies or are there gaps?

At Be Covered, we look at your insurance program overall to see where there is current cover and also gaps and help you through providing competitive insurance solutions.

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Be Covered, we take the time to get to know your business, get the cover that’s right for you and, if something does go wrong, Be Covered are on your side with the knowledge and experience to handle even the toughest claims – that’s our difference.