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As an electrician, you may work on a variety of projects, from residential to commercial and industrial. No matter the size or scope of the job, you need to make sure you're properly protected. That's where business insurance for electricians becomes an essential investment, helping you safeguard your livelihood.

Electricity powers our society. Electrical, electronic, and telecommunications contractors deliver the infrastructure we need to stay connected and bring construction sites to life throughout Australia. Working with electricity is essential, yet it is also dangerous.

The required materials and equipment are expensive, and as smart devices and other tech take a more prominent role in our lives, they become more complex. Consequently, it is little wonder that electrical, electronic and telecommunications contractors face a wide variety of risks, such as:

  • Site – third-party property, contract works, design/buildability risks
  • Product – failure of the installed product, legal liability for payment disputes
  • Transport – vehicle, materials in transit
  • Operational – employee, safety, cyber security
  • Warehouse / Office / Showroom – theft, fire, business interruption

Be Covered Insurance Brokers are here to help. We take the hard part out of understanding these risks and getting the right mix of insurances to suit your risk appetite. Based in Adelaide, we proudly service electricians throughout South Australia and beyond.

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Insurance Products

Most electrical, electronic and telecommunications contractors in Adelaide and interstate understand risks such as product failure causing fire, third-party injury or damage, or the all-too-common theft of copper or other valuable equipment on-site. However, we often see businesses that don’t understand the scope of available cover across the complex nature of these businesses, mainly as new insurance products have developed to deal with changing business conditions. Whether you are a newly established business or have been operating for a long time, it is worth reviewing your mix of insurance products to decide if you require coverage for risks such as:

  • Statutory liability to cover risks such as OHS and employment practices
  • Professional indemnity for design risk and pure economic loss claims
  • Tenant liability for leased premises
  • Cyber liability to protect valuable infrastructure and data
  • Materials both on an away from site
  • Machinery and electronic equipment breakdown
  • Legal liability for contract or payment disputes
Like you, Be Covered Insurance Brokers have to stay on top of the complex circuitry of insurance products so we can create custom-fitting insurance programs tailored to your needs. Every electrical, electronic and telecommunication business is different, facing varied risks, outcomes and goals. We care about what makes your business unique, and have the experience to develop an insurance solution that gives you the protection you need. When you’re ready to review your business insurance, our South Australian Brokers will work with you to create a tailored plan based on your requirements.

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